Teaching at Yew Chung International School

School Management

School Administration
The school management team includes Superintendents, Co-Principals and Vice-Principals.  Each Yew Chung school has one Western Co-Principal and one Chinese Co-Principal to oversee the overall management of the school; while the Vice-Principals oversee the operations relating to curriculum and students.

Middle Management and Teaching Staff
Each Yew Chung International School is composed of different departments; the functions are carried out by:

  • Coordinators such as ECE Coordinator, Primary Coordinator, IGCSE Coordinator and IB Coordinator;
  • Heads of Department to oversee the curriculum and staff;
  • Heads of Year to oversee the pastoral care and student discipline;
  • Teachers supported by Associate Teachers or Teaching Assistants in certain classes or subjects.

School Support Team
Yew Chung International Schools also have University Guidance Counselor to support students’ in their career path.  Schools also employ Students Counselor, School Social Workers, Nurses and Dormitory Parents.

Qualifications of Teaching Staff

Professional Requirements
Yew Chung hires educators who posses the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Holder of Bachelor Degree in Education, or Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Education;
  • Posses the relevant training in the subjects or areas that they will be teaching in class;
  • Support Yew Chung’s values;
  • Have passion in teaching students
  • Are sensitive and responsive to the needs of students;
  • Demonstrate commitment in teamwork;
  • Are good role models to students and conduct themselves professionally

Teachers Training

In recognition of the need for specialized training in curricular areas that lead to external examinations (e.g., IB or IGCSE) or other organizational membership requirements, Yew Chung Education Foundation is committed to investing in the skills that teachers cannot normally obtain from a normal degree or teacher’s certification program.  We feel that such investment will have a positive effect on the teaching and learning environment that leads to positive outcomes for both teachers and students.