Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a metropolitan city known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. With her prosperous development, many expatriates have found new possibilities for their careers herein Hong Kong. Some have found their lives so transformed by this lovely city that they have made it their home.

Housing areas in Hong Kong are clean and tidy.  Rent varies according to the living district and size of the apartment.  An apartment with an area of 500-700 sq.ft. (1-2 bedrooms) may cost HK$12,000-25,000 or more.  A larger apartment of 2-3 bedrooms may cost HK$14,000-30,000 or more.  The housing areas are basically well-connected by public transportation.  You can travel any place in Hong Kong within15-60 minutes.

Public Transportation
Public transportation in Hong Kong is well-organized and monitored.  All areas are accessible by the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), buses and ferries.  Public transportation is clean, cheap, safe and reliable.  Using an Octopus Card, a stored-value card, will make your life very easy as you travel in the city, and you can always find a customer service center wherever you go.

Food, Clothing and Shopping
Hong Kong is known as a “Shopping Paradise” with high quality in terms of hygiene, quality of products and variety at reasonable prices.  In this multi-cultural city, you can find different varieties of food to satisfy your palate.  You can have a nice meal with friends at HK$50-90 per person at a clean and tidy place, or you may also try other expensive options.  We have fashion collections from all over the world including North America, Europe, South and East Asia, making it easy for you to find the fashion that suits you best. There are also different varieties of commodities with high quality and good prices from different brands.

There are four seasons in Hong Kong, evenly distributed over the year.  It is usually 28-32 degree Celsius during the Summer and 9-15 degree Celsius during the Winter.  Most of the time, the weather is warm, humid and sunny.
Income Tax is calculated at a progressive rate with standard maximum rate of 15%.  There is no VAT or GST in Hong Kong.