Living in Qingdao

Qingdao, known as “sailboat capital” and successfully holding 2008 Olympic maritime competition activities, is situated in southeast of Shandong Province. Its east and south parts are facing Hanghai sea, with northeast part adjacent to Yantai city, and next to Weifang city in the west, Rizhao city in southwest. The whole acreage of Qingdao is 654 kilometers and, like most Chinese cities, it has a rapidly growing population.


The whole year of Qingdao can be clearly divided into four seasons. In spring, the temperature comes up one month later than that of the inland area; in summer, it is not broil but humid and hot with lots rains; in autumn, the weather is cool and it rains a lot; the winter time is long and it is windy with low temperature. August is the hottest month with the average temperature being 25.1℃ and the coldest month is January, with the average temperature being -0.9℃.

Shopping and Transportation

Relatively speaking, the shopping and transportation are convenient here in Qingdao. There are many shopping malls here, such as JUSCO, METRO, CARREFOUR, LOTUS, etc. Although there is no subway yet, but the bus system is satisfying. The living cost in Qingdao is average all over mainland China. The price for the clothes and food is reasonable. Qingdao is also well-known for its beer festival in mid-August.


The school will provide clean apartments for all western teachers. The apartment is well-equipped with perfect security measures for the whole suburb. Most suburbs in Qingdao are with collective heating systems. Generally speaking, there are electrical heating facilities if there is no collective heating system in the suburb.