The Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) is a reputable network of international schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao, and Silicon Valley (US), providing high quality bilingual (Chinese and English) and co-cultural (Eastern and Western) education from Early Childhood to Secondary. The first Yew Chung School was founded in 1932 in Hong Kong by Madam Tsang Chor Hang, who had a humble yet mighty vision, as reflected in the Founder’s Vision Statement below:

Tsang Chor Hang “Hao Zheng Po Po”

  • Embraced the teachings of the Bible, and directed children on the right path;
  • Laid the loving foundations for children to embark on their road to eternal life;
  • Guided children to learn about the past, know about the present, and prepare for the future.

Our schools, therefore, continue to abide by our Christian values and ethos, and while we warmly welcome those who do not share our faith, we do expect all staff, students and parents to respect our Christian beliefs and practices.

All YCIS schools also share the same Mission, Principles and Practices Statement, which is not meant to be a passive Guiding Statement, but rather action-oriented with measurable impact, permeating everything we do, say and believe. It is deliberately aspirational and forward-looking, and it is critically important that our School leaders understand and embrace this.


  • To raise globally competent and compassionate leaders with a servant’s heart, who aspire to, and act for, a better world.

Principles & Practices

  • We believe that the core purpose of education is character formation, and it is the most important shared responsibility of the school and home.
  • We believe that each child is unique, with innate talents and gifts that should be nurtured to the fullest potential.
  • We believe that quality student-teacher relationships are at the heart of meaningful engagement, leading to highly effective learning and teaching.
  • We believe that ‘Learning Communities’ best enable students and teachers to creatively and holistically explore different fields of knowledge, fostering individual and collaborative learning skills that are critical for the 21st Century.
  • We believe in equipping our graduates with a deep respect for and understanding of world cultures, mastery of Chinese and English, plus proficiency in other modern languages, as well as a strong commitment to meeting challenges of their generation.

Each YCIS school is independently registered and operated, but jointly governed by an Executive Board (EB), headquartered in Hong Kong.