Living in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China with very long history. With its prosperous development since 1979 and the Olympic Games in August 2008, many expatriates have found Beijing to be a city of great opportunity; some have been living here for many years.


Few cities in the world besides Beijing have served as the political and cultural center of an area as immense as China for so long. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes it as “one of the world’s great cities”, and declares that the city has been an integral part of China’s history for centuries, there is scarcely a major building or any age in Beijing that does not have at least some national historical significance. Beijing is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, and huge stone walls and gates. Its treasures and universities have long made the city a centre of culture and art in China.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Beijing is sometimes busy. With an active policy to reduce vehicle number on the road, the traffic is much easier than before. Together with the improving civil education and sense of caring in the community, transportation in Beijing has become well-organized.

Food, Clothing and Shopping

Cultural Beijing is a thorough blend of the ancient and the modern. You can have authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price or you may also try other international options. In recent years, Beijing has become something of a fashion capital of the East, hosting a lantern-lit fashion show on the iconic Great Wall. Among the designs featured were the local ones of TANG clothing and QI PAO which are readily available across the city.


There are four seasons in Beijing. But spring and autumn are very short. It is usually 28 to 39 degree centigrade during the Summer and – 18 to 5 degree centigrade during the Winter.

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