Current Version: v1.0
Updated Date: 2020-07-29

1.       Introduction


This Privacy Notice explains how Yew Chung/ Yew Wah (YCYW) organization uses (or “processes”) the personal information (or data) of job applicants. This notice is provided in accordance with the rights of individuals under the Data Protection Law to understand how their data is used. YCYW organization is the data controller for the information you provide during the process, unless otherwise stated.


2.       What will we do with the information you provide to us?

All of the information you provide during the process will only be used to progress your application or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements if necessary.


We will use the contact details you provide to us to contact you to progress your application. We will use the other information you provide to assess your suitability for the role you have applied for.


3.       What information do we ask for, and why?


We do not collect more information than we need to fulfil our stated purposes and will not retain it for longer than is necessary. The information we ask for is used to assess your suitability for employment.


4.       Application stage


We ask you for your personal details including name and contact details. We will also ask you about your previous experience, education, referees and other information relevant to the role you have applied for.


You may also be asked to provide equal opportunities information. This is not mandatory information; if you do not provide it, it will not affect your application. Any information you do provide, will be used only to produce and monitor equal opportunities statistics.


5.       Shortlisting & Assessment


We shortlist applications for interview. We might ask you to participate in assessment days; complete tests and/or to attend an interview, or a combination of these. Information will be generated by you and by us. For example, you might complete a written test or we might take interview notes. This information is held by the YCYW organization.


6.       Employment checks


As an educational organization, we are required to carry out a variety of checks on new staff as part of the recruitment process. These include confirming identity, right to work in the PRC and qualifications. We are also required to carry out criminal record and/or similar checks (e.g. barred list, prohibition order and childcare disqualification).


We will contact your referees, using the details you provide in your application, directly to obtain references.


If you accept our offer of employment, we are required to check your medical fitness (which may be by seeking a medical report from your doctor or asking you to complete a medical form/declaration).

We will also ask you for your bank details (to process salary payments) and emergency contact details (so we know whom to contact if you have an accident or fall ill at work).


7.       Background Checks


As part of the employee selection and recruitment process, you are required to conduct background check for employment purpose. An assigned FIRM will make all necessary arrangement to obtain the following information as part of the background check process: criminal record, sexual conviction record, court records, bankruptcy record check, education and professional qualification verification, employment and work history, ID or passport check and any other potentially relevant adverse record in the media, social media, public sources and other watch lists with your authorization.


The FIRM will release such information to any other third party only if required to complete the background check process. The information collected by the FIRM will be held in strict confidence. The YCYW organization will not collect information beyond personal privacy and data protection ordinances and employment related codes of practice of the relevant countries of this background check.


8.       Your rights


Individuals have various rights to access and understand personal data about them held by the YCYW organization, and in some cases ask for it to be erased or amended or have it transferred to others, or for the YCYW organization to stop processing it (subject to certain exemptions and limitations).


You have the right to request that any incorrect or out-of-date, irrelevant or inaccurate or information about you is erased or corrected.


The YCYW organization will endeavour to respond to any such written requests as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within statutory time. The YCYW organization will be better able to respond quickly to smaller, targeted requests for information.


You should be aware that the right of access is limited to your own personal data and certain data is exempt from the right of access. This will include information which identifies other individuals, or information which is subject to professional privilege (for example, legal advice given to or sought by the YCYW organization or documents prepared in connection with a legal action).


You may have heard of the “right to be forgotten” (or right of “erasure”). We will sometimes have compelling reasons to refuse specific requests to amend, delete or stop processing your personal data, for example, a legal requirement. All such requests will be considered on their own merits and on a case by case basis.


9.       Data accuracy and security


The YCYW organization will endeavour to ensure that all personal data held in relation to you is as up to date and accurate as possible. Please notify the YCYW organization of any significant changes to important information, such as contact details.


The YCYW organization will take appropriate technical and organizational steps to ensure the security of personal data, including policies around use of technology and devices, and access to YCYW organization systems.