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Job Title: Artist-in-Residence (YCIS-HK-2324-CAD001)
Posted Date: 01/08/2024 Expiration Date: -
Location: YCIS - Hong Kong # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(08/01/2024)
Job Description: The objective of this incumbent is to inspire students to express themselves in an artistic manner in the classroom, their outputs and in the context of life in general. The incumbent is expected to help students broaden their horizon of arts within the artist’s field of art in general and to motivate them in these aspects.

• Bring the specialty into the School through organizing various events, cross-curricula projects, seminars, workshops and activities for students through ECE,
Primary to Secondary. Takes an active, inspiring and positive role in developing a vivid atmosphere of the area of expertise within the school.
• To encourage an aesthetically pleasing and creative school environment through the creation of artwork and other imaginative endeavours;
• To cultivate the artistic environment through clever, innovative and imaginative use of space and place of art;
• To inspire the students to create their own artwork by sharing unique ideas, media, techniques and inspirations;
• To demonstrate, discuss and share personal artwork with the students, enabling them to observe the process of a working artist;
• To be aware of the environment and current world issues; to create and initiate art that reflects these ideals.

• To enhance the outdoor and indoor environments at ECE, PRI and SEC campuses through the creation of artwork and other imaginative endeavours;
• To organize exhibitions relating to curriculum or outside of the curriculum;
• To lead after-school art activities and collaborate on the artwork with students;
• To participate in or to lead arts activities in the communities;
• To initiate artwork and projects for students to complete;
• To provide artistic inspiration and guidance on media and technique;
• To work with teachers in developing large art projects appropriate to the curriculum;
• To work with teachers to encourage awareness of design and artistic principles;
• To provide service to the Schools in marketing and promotion;
• To travel to different YC and YW campuses for some projects when required.
Job Requirements: • Holder of Bachelor Degree (major in Art) or above
• Speak fluent English
• Support Yew Chung's values
• Proven as an active and practicing artist in respective art form and of professional standing
• Experiences of working with schools are essential
• Are sensitive and responsive to the needs of students
• Ability to initiate, plan and deliver the art projects
• Demonstrate commitment to teamwork, and show capability to work independently when needed
School Introduction
Yew Chung International School (YCIS)
HR Contact Person: Hady Wong
Website URL:
Phone: (852) 3921 1076
Fax: (852) 2337 0206
Address: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
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