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Job Title: Head of Art (SHPX2324-06)
Posted Date: 09/15/2022 Expiration Date: Expired
Location: YCIS - Shanghai(Puxi) (Shanghai Puxi SEC) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(08/01/2023)
Job Description: At YCIS Shanghai Puxi all teaching and non-teaching staff are part of an organizational and learning culture that has a clear mandate to nurture the academic and social-emotional character of each student. The YCIS Mission, Principles and Practice and the YCIS Shanghai Puxi Common Purpose clearly articulate many aspects of this approach and the policies, processes and activities within the school are designed and deployed to enable staff to meet the ideal and approaches contained in these two documents. Academic and nonacademic staff all contribute to the construction and maintenance of a highly positive learning environment that both challenges and supports students to achieve high level academic success. The absolute need for students to develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills that empower each to make their way in the world.

The Puxi Common Purpose provides the context for a collaborative, authentic and powerful learning and organizational culture that support all who live and learn in our community. As the traditional “single cell” learning spaces are opened up it is essential that there is a shift in awareness, thinking and practice with regard the learning and organizational culture. This shift includes changing the practice of teacher dominant presentation of information into an approach where visible thinking practices are evident, authentic learning is obvious, some student choice is available, and a diversity of delivery and assessment is present. Less teacher monologue and more student dialogue in diad, triad and group formation are desired. Whilst there is absolutely a place for teacher directed learning, the ratio of “chalk and talk” to the inquiry-based approach must be appropriate.

Within each YCIS Puxi location everyone must make time to create a connection and opportunity for sharing curriculum development ideas, student learning outcomes, achievement, behavior and any other ideas with people in the same and, at other Puxi locations.

YCIS Shanghai Puxi seeks to develop educators who…
• have a deep understanding of highly effective teaching and learning practices that suit the generation now in our schools;
• have significant depth, breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding of their specific disciplines and also a passion that inspires student and staff to learn more;
• understand the value of generating positive professional relationships with colleagues, students and families;
• can work in a highly collaborative learning and organizational culture which values a team approach when planning and delivering curriculum;
• use dialogue more than monologue, who understand how to ensure differentiation in learning tasks
• have the technology skills and disposition to create powerful learning experiences that include flipped and blended learning;
• ensure that formative and summative feedback to students is timely, well targeted and constructive;
• are reflective learners who seek constant improvement;
• have a love of learning and a desire to inspire students to achieve at the highest level possible;
• can operate successfully in a bilingual teaching environment in which important Chinese and Western cultural characteristics are understood and respected.

Note: The language of instruction in the primary and secondary years is English. In the primary years, Western and Chinese co-teachers work together to develop the bilingual capacity in all students

Head of Department Expectations
A faculty Head of Department (HoD) provides leadership within the learning and organizational culture of the school. The position involves teaching, administrative responsibilities and liaising with key stakeholders in the community ~ students, parents, teachers, and non-academic staff.

The HoD leads and supports the relevant staff to deliver highly effective teaching and learning practices and programs that reflect the current goals and approaches of the school.

The HoD ensures that the development, documentation and delivery of curriculum occurs within the required formats with the required functions. The leadership provided should enhances the established collaborative educational and organizational culture of the school.

A Head of Department is a critical link between teachers, Programme Level Coordinators, Vice-Principals & Co-Principals.

General Responsibilities
• promote the YCIS Vision, Principles & Practice;
• actively promote the Puxi Common Purpose by engaging staff in the process of implementation;
• provide effective leadership to the Department to ensure quality assurance regarding all aspects of learning program and associated language and literature provision;
• foster a love of language and literature across the school;
• create events that celebrate reading, speaking, listening, writing, creating and critical thinking;
• liaise and assist with those leading student success and wellbeing initiatives including specific programs of learning support and intervention;
• actively collaborate with a wide range of staff to further develop the culture learning communities in the school;
• support staff in the process of change management and the recognition of the need to shift practices and align thinking to produce even better learning outcomes;
• Co-ordinate and assist staff to work collaboratively on identified tasks through scheduled and impromptu meetings;
• Represent the needs of the Department as a whole, relevant staff and students in appropriate forums;
• In addition, any other tasks as allocated by the Co-Principals and Vice Principals.

• ensure that staff plan, prepare and deliver schemes of work in accordance with school policies.
• assist staff to contribute consistently use collaborative knowledge-based platforms such as O365 suite Power School and Managebac;
• ensure staff have a sound knowledge of the relevant curriculum for YCIS Puxi (ECE, Primary, IGCSE and IBDP.)
• lead quality assurance processes the ensure that learning content and delivery reflects curriculum documentation and teaching and learning reflects the elements of the Puxi Common Purpose.
• lead and promote the Department based initiatives within the school;
• support and lead staff to maintain an attractive and stimulating environment in which to foster effective teaching and learning;
• ensure teaching staff maintain records of student progress including all required documents by YCIS,

Accreditation, CIS, IB and others;
• conduct standardized or other tests when required and document pupils’ performance;
• check reports and grades for pupils as per the school calendar;
• conduct interviews with parents to discuss and explain their child’s performance and progress in school;
• monitor progress of colleagues and their effectiveness as teachers;
• monitor and provide coaching to staff, as appropriate;
• monitor and support language and intervention programs as required;
• liaise with other staff as required including school nurse, counsellors, office, marketing and admissions;
• undertake in-service training where provided and feedback from courses taken;
• assist with curriculum cohesion across the year levels.

• work with parents to promote better understanding of the educational programs YCIS Puxi provides;
• seek out ways to connect to the wider school community through sharing the sound educational learning occurring in the relevant area;
• bring outside experts in where appropriate.

• be aware of the social and emotional well-being of pupils and the need to respond to particular situations;
• be flexible in arranging and supporting targeted programs for identified students;
• promote and safeguard the welfare of all pupils and teachers at school;
• work with Student Support personnel when needed.

Administrative Elements
• lead and promote departmental activities in the school, provide enrichment opportunities;
• be accountable for the efficient and effective performance of the Department including learning resources, pedagogy, assessment and exam results;
• arrange and lead departmental meetings;
• ensure that appropriate cover work is in place during staff absence;
• promote additional activities and opportunities for pupils outside the classroom;
• contribute to the wider work of the school including community liaison opportunities;
• ensure the allocated budget is expended as appropriate;
• oversee the completion of the school appraisal process for all members of the department;
• implement staff instructional support processes in liaison with the Vice Principal when deemed necessary from the evidence and data collected;
• ensure completion of any allocated tasks associated with accreditation requirements.
Job Requirements:
School Introduction
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS-SHPX-HQ)
Contact E-Mail:
Website URL:
Phone: +86-21 2226 7666
Fax: +86-21 6219 0675
Postal Code: 200336
Address: 11 Shui Cheng Road (near Hongqiao Road),Puxi, Shanghai, P.R.C.
中国上海市水城路11号 (近虹桥路)
Description: Yew Chung International School established a new model of global education offering the unique richness and diversity of both Eastern and Western cultures that equip children to be bilingual, global-minded, appreciative and caring. We nurture globally competitive students and shape their good character as responsible global citizens with the competencies and skills required in the 21st century.

We have over 6,000 students across various campuses in China. We invite qualified teachers (Early Childhood to Secondary) to consider a career with our organization.
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