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Job Title: Teaching Assistant (YCIS-HK-2021-SEC023)
Posted Date: 22/04/2020 Expiration Date: -
Location: YCIS - Hong Kong (HK Secondary) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(01/08/2020)
Job Description: PURPOSE OF THE JOB

To complement the professional work of teachers by taking responsibility for agreed learning activities under an agreed system of supervision. This may involve planning, preparing and delivering learning activities for individuals/groups or short term for whole classes and monitoring students and assessing, recording and reporting on students achievement, progress and development.

Under an agreed system of supervision: take a lead role within the school to address the needs of students who need particular help to overcome barriers to learning

To provide support for students, the teacher and the school in order to raise standards of achievement for all students (e.g. SEN, EAL, GT, all underachieving groups), by utilising advanced levels of knowledge and skills when assisting with planning, monitoring, assessing and managing classes, and to encourage students to become independent learners, to provide support for their welfare, and to support the inclusion of students in all aspects of school life


Support for Students

Assess the needs of students and use detailed knowledge and specialist skills to support students learning Establish productive working relationships with students, acting as a role model and setting high expectations

Develop and implement IEPs

Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all students within the classroom

Support students consistently whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs

Encourage students to interact and work co-operatively with others and engage all students in activities

Promote independence and employ strategies to recognise and reward achievement of self-reliance

Provide feedback to students in relation to progress and achievement

Provide feedback to students in relation to progress, achievement, behaviour, attendance etc

Support for Teachers

Within an agreed system of supervision and within a pre-determined lesson framework, teach small groups or whole groups.

Provide detailed verbal and written feedback on lesson content, student responses to learning activities and student behaviour, to teachers and students.

Motivate and progress students’ learning by using clearly structured, interesting teaching and learning activities.
Organise and manage appropriate learning environment and resources

Within an agreed system of supervision, plan challenging teaching and learning objectives to evaluate and adjust lessons/work plans as appropriate.

Monitor and evaluate student responses to learning activities through a range of assessment and monitoring strategies against pre-determined learning objectives.

Provide objective and accurate feedback and reports as required on student achievement, progress and other matters, ensuring the availability of appropriate evidence.

Record progress and achievement in lessons/activities systematically and providing evidence of range and level of progress and attainment.

Work within an established discipline policy to anticipate and manage behaviour constructively, promoting self-control and independence.

Supporting the role of parents in students’ learning and contribute to/lead meetings with parents to provide constructive feedback on student progress/achievement etc.
Administer and assess/mark tests and invigilate exams/tests.
Production of lesson plans, worksheet, plans etc.

Support for the Curriculum

Deliver learning activities to students within agreed system of supervision, adjusting activities according to student responses/needs.

Make effective use of opportunities provided by other learning activities to support the development of students’ skills.

Use ICT effectively to support learning activities and develop students’ competence and independence in its use.

Select and prepare resources necessary to lead learning activities, taking account of students’ interests and language and cultural backgrounds.

Advise on appropriate deployment and use of specialist aid/resources/equipment.

Implement agreed learning activities/teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to student responses/needs.

Actively seek information regarding, and utilise, the range of activities, courses, organisations and individuals to provide support for students to broaden and enrich their learning.

Determine the need for, prepare and use specialist equipment, plans and resources to support students

To be a Form Tutor to an assigned group of students if and when required.

To promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and the Tutor Group as a whole.

To liaise with the relevant pastoral leaders to ensure the implementation of the Student Support system.

To register students, accompany them to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life.

To undertake other duties appropriate to the post that may reasonably be required from time to time including lunchtime and after school enrichment and support sessions.

Support for the School

Comply with and assist with the development of policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an appropriate person.

Be aware of and support difference and ensure all students have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop.

Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school.

Establish constructive relationships and communicate with other agencies/professionals, in liaison with the teacher, to support achievement and progress of students.

Attend and participate in regular meetings.

Participate in training and other learning activities as required.

Recognise own strengths and areas of expertise and use these to advise and support others.

Be responsible for the provision of out of school learning activities within guidelines established by the school.

Support and guide other less experienced learning support assistants’ work in the classroom when required and lead training for other learning support assistants.

Contribute to the overall ethos, work and aims of the school by attending relevant meetings and contributing to the development of policies and procedures within the school. Also participate in staff meetings and training days/events as requested.

Personal Responsibilities:

To follow school procedures regarding signing in and out , as well as any other procedures relating to attendance.

Playing a full part in the life of the school community, supporting its distinctive ethos and to encourage staff and students to follow this example.

Supporting the school in meeting its legal requirements.

Actively promoting school policies and procedures.

Responsibility for own continued professional development.

Compliance with the school’s Health & Safety policy undertaking risk assessments as appropriate.

To be courteous to colleagues, visitors and telephone callers and provide a welcoming environment.

Attending meetings scheduled in the school calendar punctually.

Adhering to the School’s Safeguarding Policy.


The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the statement of Conditions of Employment

This job description allocates duties and responsibilities but does not direct the particular amount of time to be spent on carrying them out and no part of it may be so construed

This job description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed at least once a year and it may be subject to modification or amendment at any time after consultation with the holder of the post

The duties may be varied to meet the changing demands of the school at the reasonable discretion of the Co-Principals

This job description forms part of the contract of employment. It describes the way the post holder is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out in the foregoing
Job Requirements:
School Introduction
Yew Chung International School - Secondary (YCIS-Hong Kong (Secondary))
HR Contact Person: Jasmine Lee
Contact E-Mail:
Website URL:
Phone: (852) 3921 1074
Fax: (852) 2337 0206
Address: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Description: Yew Chung International School (YCIS) has established a new model of global education offering the unique richness and diversity of both Eastern and Western cultures that equip children to be bilingual, global-minded, appreciative and caring. We nurture globally competitive students and shape their character into responsible global citizens with the competencies and skills required in the 21st century.

YCIS is a global network of international schools from Hong Kong to Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Qingdao in China and Silicon Valley in the USA. Our schools offer programs at the infant/toddler age through high school. We are now accepting applications for the following position in Hong Kong.

YCIS–Hong Kong is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students; in recruiting, YCIS–Hong Kong child safeguarding practices are held to a high standard. All applicants must be willing to undergo thorough background checks and child protection screening.
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